Folding Chairs As A Mirror For Enlightened Living: Part One

- Jan 10, 2020-

We all know what folding chairs are but few of us know what it means to live an enlightened life. By looking at the features and benefits of folding chairs we can learn about enlightened living.

Folding chairs come in a wide variety. They come in different colors, styles, frame materials, different seat materials, seat thicknesses, and are designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Enlightened people also come in a variety of types; however, when most of us think of enlightened people, we think of monks living a cloistered life, and probably can't even imagine that enlightened people could live in our crazy, stressful world. But they do! And you can too!

Being enlightened means being aware, awake, or conscious; of what we think, say and do, of how we treat ourselves, others and the planet, and of the fact that reality is based on perception. Perception comes from our expectations, beliefs, and thoughts about the situation, and is based on past experiences. By examining your beliefs and thoughts, you can identify which ones serve your highest good and which ones interfere with your relationships and your peace.

Enlightened people do not define events as good or bad; they accept what is as a learning experience for themselves or another person involved. They know that challenges give us an opportunity to grow and become more of who we can be.

Faith and trust in a higher power and a belief that everything happens for a reason, and in the divine right time and divine right order are what allow enlightened people to feel safe and protected by a benevolent universe.

One of the main features of folding chairs is their ease of use. They are not complicated and set up effortlessly. Living an enlightened life means a life of ease; a life of acceptance, a life without fear, anxiety, stresses or worries, and the freedom from being hurt by others or by life situations. It is a life free of suffering. The constructive and supportive beliefs and thoughts, and the faith and trust in a higher power and a benevolent universe, all provide a basis for security.

Folding chairs don't take things personally: if you spill on it, tear it, leave it out in the rain, they won't be mad or blame you. Enlightened people have learned how not to take things personally. They know that everyone is doing the best that they can at any given moment, with the tools, knowledge and presence of mind they have. They know that anger is an outward manifestation of hurt/pain, fear, and/or frustration, and can see past the anger to what lies behind it.