Folding chair material classification

- Sep 05, 2019-

Oxford cloth

It is mainly composed of thick steel pipe and oxford cloth. The surface of the steel pipe is sprayed and treated, and the rust is beautiful. The mechanical processing is carried out at the important part of the force, and the bearing capacity is greatly enhanced. Oxford cloth specifications are mainly 600D or 800D, and most folding beds have a double-layer structure, which improves the service life and comfort of the seat. The folded link parts are linked with galvanized rivets and original plastic parts, which are added according to the characteristics of different products, such as leaking cup nets, operation panels, storage bags, feet, sun visors, etc. The seat surface has the same service life as the plastic injection molding seat, and it is more convenient to carry. It is a kind of folding chair that is often used in outdoor leisure.

Plastic plates

Steel pipe and plastic. The seat panel and the back panel are generally integrally molded with the original PP plastic in the mold; the seat frame and the chair legs are made of electrostatic silver powder sprayed square steel tube, the square steel tube is more durable than the round steel tube; the bottom of the general frame frame, that is, The floor contact will add a foot pad to prevent slipping and prevent the floor from being scratched.