Five details you should pay attention to when choosing the size of the folding table

- Apr 17, 2020-

In order to save space in the home, folding table manufacturers have produced more and more people who love the practicality of the folding table. The folding tables available on the market vary in size and style. , And we need to pay attention to these five details when choosing the size of the folding table:

1) Space pattern: When choosing a foldable dining table, you should also be able to notice the self-home space pattern. If the indoor space is relatively large, you can relax the requirements for the size of the dining table and choose a little folding dining table.

2) Dining table shape: There are many folding dining tables available on the market, and different sizes will naturally be different according to the design of the current dining table. According to your own life needs, you can choose another size.

3) Dining table height: The folding dining table itself has certain requirements for height. Combined with the convenience and needs of self-dining, the height determination will also be different.

4) Wall distance: If you want to say a foldable dining table, you must also consider the distance from the wall. In daily life, try to keep it as close to 80cm from the wall as possible.

5) Self-demand: When choosing a foldable dining table, consider the actual needs of the self, such as the number of people in the family and the dining situation.