Features of the beach chair

- Apr 11, 2019-

Kids Folding Beach Chair.jpg

The beach chair can also be called a folding chair or a leisure chair. Its main feature is that it can be folded and carried easily, so it is one of the essential equipment for the traveler.

1. After shrinking, it is small in size and easy to carry.

2. The overall design is based on engineering mechanics, so that the points are evenly stressed.

3. Fasteners are made of ABS engineering plastics.

4. The bracket design fully utilizes the principle of triangular stability, so that the overall stability is not shaken.

5. Each force point is reinforced with leather and more durable.

6. The fabric is made of double-layer PU coated oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant, aging-resistant and tear-resistant; it has good waterproof performance and fully considers the characteristics of outdoor application.

7. Next to the small table. Convenient for outdoor water release cups and small objects.

Application range

Home sitting, fishing, outdoor tourism, self-driving travel, wild adventure, outdoor sketching...