Disinfection steps are equally important when cleaning household folding tables

- Jun 24, 2020-

The simple folding table is some of the more common furniture in modern times. Its main feature is that its style is very simple and it occupies a small space. It is a table that meets the needs of modern life. It is convenient to carry and easy to install. A series of features, such as this, is a product that is popular among the public.

First of all, most of the attention we paid to the cleaning of folding tables is the tabletop. Most of the appearance of the folding tabletop is a fireproof laminate or molded board, and the periphery is made of plastic strips or aluminum alloy strips. We must not pour water directly on the desktop or wipe it directly with a cloth with water when cleaning, this is very It is easy to cause swelling and damage to the edge sealing of the desktop.

During maintenance, first, use a semi-dry rag with detergent to clean up the oil on the desktop, and then clean it with a dry rag. In order to extend the service life, we should wax the desktop once every 1-3 months, which is both beautiful and beautiful. It can avoid water and extend the life of the desktop.

Secondly, during the cleaning process of the folding table, it should also be noted that when the legs of various types of steel pipes are stained with oil, they can be cleaned with a dry rag. Do not use rough and sharp materials to scrub the surface of the steel pipes, especially the mirror light. Scrub with a piece of cloth that does not come off easily.

We often think that the cleaning of the folding table is very good. However, we often forget the last step of cleaning the folding table. The disinfection of the folding table is also important. After the surface of the folding table is wiped, there will still be some residual bacteria. It seriously affects our health. When we use the folding table, we must also remember to do some disinfection treatment. We can wipe it with disinfectant. Wipe the folding table with clean water first, wipe with disinfectant, and wipe clean with clean water after wiping.