3 points to note when choosing a child folding chair

- Jul 13, 2020-

Children are the hope of every family, and every parent hopes that their children can get well, and the children can grow up healthy under the protection of their parents. From the birth of the child, the parents will bring good and suitable for the child. Children's furniture is very particular, and folding chairs are one of them. Today we will take a look at where parents need to choose the folding chair manufacturer's children's folding chair.

1. Materials

The materials used to make the products are various, such as plastic, solid wood, stainless steel, cloth, etc. Among these materials, each material has different functions and properties. So which material is better? Generally speaking, solid wood is generally better. The folding chair made of solid wood is very environmentally friendly and does not cause any harm to the child. You can add a cushion to the seat when using it so that the child will not feel cold and hard.

2. Size

The size of the product is large or small, and the size will vary according to its shape. Some bases are very high. This design needs to consider more safety factors. The benefit is that it is convenient for parents to feed their children; Some are very low, which is very convenient for children to play, such as going to the beach to make a bunker.

3. Price

The price is mainly determined by the material. The price of solid wood is relatively expensive, and the general price is more than one hundred yuan; if it is plastic, the price is less than one hundred yuan. But in general, the price of children's folding chairs is very cheap.