3 essential tips for solid wood folding tables and chairs

- Jun 28, 2020-

Folding tables and chairs have become mainstream in the furniture market, with more than 85% of the purchasers. The powerful folding and carrying functions bring convenience to people's lives. There are many materials for folding tables and chairs, most of which are wood and never outdated, and solid wood is the most popular product among consumers. When there is a problem with the table and chairs, it may be that the quality of the product itself is not close, or it may be that the user process has not been maintained. What is the specific situation, let's take a look at some necessary common sense of solid wood folding tables and chairs.

1. The folding tables and chairs of pure solid wood are made of teak, maple, cherry, and other high-grade wood. All materials are pure natural without any processing procedures, without any impurities, with clear texture and natural The fragrance is very healthy and safe for the human body. The production process requirements are very high, each step including material selection, drying, splicing, etc. are very strict, in order to ensure a better folding effect. Because of such advantages, its price is often more expensive than other materials.

2. Folding tables and chairs of imitation solid wood are very similar to pure solid wood on the surface, including texture, color and texture are confusing. Inexperienced people often cannot distinguish the difference between the two. In fact, this kind of folding table and chair is made of wood-based panels and solid wood. The proportion of the wood-based panels is relatively large, and the cost is also low. However, the quality of this table and chair is not comparable to that of pure solid wood material, and it is prone to cracking and loosening of the joint. If it is used for a long time, it will affect the folding effect, and eventually, the table and chair will be deformed and cannot be used.

3. In the process of using solid wood folding tables and chairs, pay attention to maintenance in order to extend the service life. Tables and chairs should be placed in an environment with appropriate temperature and humidity to avoid direct sunlight, especially some folding tables and chairs that are specially placed outdoors. It is best to put them in the room when not in use, so as to avoid the long wind In the sun, the gloss fades and cracks and deforms.